Guided tours in The Kingdom of Crystal

I offer guided tours, in English, in The Kingdom of Crystal, Småland. Thefore I hope you let me guide you to enrich your stay. 
Nature and culture are intertwined in the stories to give you a better experience and understanding of this areas history. Firstly because nature and landscape has played a huge role in the development and secondly because it is an impressive history. We will visit the glassworks and/or hike short or long distances in the wild and combine with a Swedish fika or outdoor cooking.
You can chose themes such as the ice age, the iron & glass epochs, design and emigration.

Due to the Corona-virus no bookings can be found online, so you need to contact me at or +46-73-510 46 64. Packages with guided tours in English, will be available when it’s safe to hang out with other people again. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I will not save your e-mail for any other purpose.

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Old wooden fence and cairn
Blacksmith housing in Orrefors

The Kingdom of Crystal, is the collective name for the area in Småland, Southern Sweden, where the world famous glassworks are situated – see for more information. The area involves four municipalities and two counties and now 11 glowing glasworks. I would love to guide you in the surroundings.